Sunday, February 26, 2017

Joanne World Tour 2017

Since her very first debut in the entertainment industry as singer, Lady Gaga has been pretty productive about album production. However, people have to wait pretty long time until she released her latest album entitled Joanne in 2016. In 2016 before the release of the album, there was two important moments of Lady Gaga. The first one was when she appeared on V Magazine cover with Taylor Kinney who was her former fiancé. The second one was her breakup with Kinney in mid 2016.

People maybe will not expect that she would release her album a few months after the breakup but it seems like she is getting more productive. The release of the new album was pretty interesting because people can find the unusual Lady Gaga from the title track, Perfect Illusion. People are waiting for the information about lady gaga concert 2017 especially because her promotional tour was made intimate. It was held in three dive bars only although the show was live streamed on her and Bud Light Facebook page.

Of course people also want to get the information about the lady gaga tour dates 2017. Since the beginning of the concert will be held in August, there is still long way to go to get surprised with her concert performance.

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