Sunday, June 18, 2017

Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss was Break her Image

Abby Lee Miller was known to be famous dance instructor. Abby even had her own dance company and studio. Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio was known to be ‘The Abby Lee Dance Company.’ There were many students in her company from all over range of age, from children age until teenage age. Abby studio has well known by people in all over country and really famous during the time. The studio is still working even after the owner faced some controversial problems, from accused to have fraud in making fake bank account, jailed, and until loose weight. 

By those problems Abby Lee faced, the current one was Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Issue. From all over the problems, the Abby Lee Dance Company still work even until the day. Even so, Abby had faced bankruptcy in 2010. Her studio is still one which still can stand, even though during that time, there were no both investor and students to visit her studio. Overall and simply said, Abby had faced the most tough problem in her life. Abby slowly try to raise again by still opening the studio. Students still come, even though the number was not as much as before. But that was still could help Abby to revive her from crisis.

The crisis come over and over even Abby had just tried to revive from her previous problems. After out from jail, she wanted to have better life of her. She decided to do surgery for her weight loss. This Abby Lee Miller Weight Loss Issue was criticized by many people because she was dancer before, so why did not she choose diet by dancing rather than surgery. That what most people thought. But Abby ignored them all and want to live her life according to what she deserve right.

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